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Fresh. Healthy. Simply Delicious!
Our restaurants have the look of a home kitchen and a healthier, tastier menu featuring freshly marinated grilled chicken entrees, fresh salads and homemade side orders. Chicken Kitchen is renowned for its focus on high quality, nutritious, made-from-scratch fresh food, with a strong emphasis on taste and recipes that adhere to the strict guidelines established by the American Heart Association, with regard to fat, calories and cholesterol.
We offer a multitude of chicken entrées, ranging from chicken on the bone, skinless boneless breast platters, Pita-Pockettes™ and Panini Grillers™ artisan sandwiches to the now World-Famous “Chop-Chop™” – freshly marinated chopped boneless breast of chicken topping a bowl of rice and mixed with various ingredients and a choice of our Signature Sauces™, such as the Mustard’nCurry.
At Chicken Kitchen, we use only the healthiest forms of cooking, grilling, broiling, steaming and baking! We don’t fry, microwave nor serve food from a holding cabinet. Everything we serve is prepared right in front of your eyes and all our side orders are cooked fresh daily!

A Strong Concept Tested over 32-Years

  • The concept was founded in 1983 in New York City by Christian Mahé de Berdouaré a.k.a the “Chief Chickenologist”, a French-Italian businessman with the vision to create the first concept in the USA to offer freshly prepared, healthy food served fast. In 1988, Chicken Kitchen moved its headquarters to Miami, Florida
  • One of the first stores to open in Miami, in 1991, across from the University of Miami, is one of the highest grossing restaurants (in terms of dollars per square foot) in the USA, generating over $1,800,000 in annual sales in a 1,064 SF space and producing a steady operating cash flow of $500,000 a year. Sales are over $1,800 per square foot. That store is representative of all the strengths of the Chicken Kitchen concept

Existing Business

  • Today, there are 27 restaurants open in South Florida, Texas and Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • The Company owns 17 Chicken Kitchen restaurants in the South Florida market     doing over $17 million in sales annually (over $1 million per unit)
  • The Franchisees own the other 10 Chicken Kitchen restaurants in operation today
  • 6 new Chicken Kitchen franchise restaurants are scheduled to open in the next few months in Downtown Miami, Sarasota, Florida Turnpike, Colombia and Dubai, UAE

Our chickens are raised on a diet of all-natural grains with no hormones or antibiotics, which results in a healthier chicken & a superior tasting product